Just change your perspective

I’ve learnt so much

Since I started this site around 16 months ago I’ve learnt so much. I’ve got to learn so much about the freebie and frugal scene and I’ve learn so much from some of the freebies I found.

One of the greatest thing I have learnt is about changing my perspective.

Changing perspective?

Let me explain it a little in relation to some training I was doing the other day. 

So, this it if free training was on photography and how to make your photos more interesting. There were few things that were taught, but one of them was that; your not static, you can move and change your perspective. 

By looking at a shot, then just moving and changing  perspective; it was shown how much more interesting the shot could be. By the way, this free training was found on one of my ‘checking out freebies for the site’ trials. 

Changing perspective opened up a who new and more interesting view. 

How does this relate to this site and what it offers?

I’m glad you asked that question 😉

When I started looking at freebies it was with the idea of finding things that people could try where they may not have been able to buy. Someone who maybe in a position of hand to mouth. I’ve been there, spending many years living hand to mouth. 

However, I changed my perspective view. Many of the free items I post now are useful to everyone. Free courses that can teach you a skill, books to enjoy and so on. 

Now I ask you to change your perspective. Don’t look at freebies just for fragrance and cosmetics. Look at these free items that could change your life. Change your perspective so that freebies are for anyone and everyone. 

I find freebies you can try, cosmetics, food, drink. The best freebies I find are the daily book or course. Free software. Items such as that. 

I’ve changed my perspective and now live a richer life. Will you change yours?

Just change your perspective
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