Welcome to GrabFreeStuff; the place to come to find links to Free Stuff out there on the web. On this page I just wanted to clarify a little about us and this webpage.

For many years I have seen many Freebies, Free Samples and other great Free Stuff listed and available on formats such as magazines. I’ve certainly accepted and taken a few of these things myself over the years; sometimes buying a particular magazine for that freebie item.

I love free stuff

I love free stuff

The Internet has provided a great source of free samples and other freebies; allowing companies to post items out for people to try.

Sometimes people may not know of these offers or just can’t find the place to go. I wanted to do something about that and so created GrabFreeStuff.

First BIG information I want to share. What we don’t do; we don’t provide the freebies ourselves. I wanted to say that as some visitors have in the past asked us to send freebies or had some other comments related to these items. What we do is provide a link to the free items.

This free stuff; items; samples are always provided by other companies. They provide the items; they post the items; we take no part in that. As I say, we purely provide the links to them.

Sometimes items may go or run out; or in some cases freebies end. We do try to clear these from the site where possible although we need help in finding these. Please do send us a contact telling us if freebies have ended.

Other than that; simply find a freebie listed; follow the links; on the pages linked it will always tell you how to claim your free item.

So; please enjoy. I myself use the links and have claimed lots of free stuff; I love the samples of aftershave and perfumes. You too can enjoy these free samples – just fill in the info they ask for and allow the time for them to arrive.

Thanks and lets get lots of freebies all together.