Reusing Old Materials and Items

It started with an Intagram post

A week to two ago I posted an image on Instagram of a bench that had been seemingly built out of reused timber. I’mt not sure if it was part of a tree or some other prefabricated item; however what ever it was in its past; it was now a bench. (You can see this images as the featured image of this post)

Its not pretty I hear you say!

And you would be right in saying that; although the reason I love it is because of its aesthetics. I love the way it looks as its rustic and fits in perfect with the area. Though, it certainly isn’t pretty.. Infact, as I was walking round I saw another couple of benches that had been seemingly made with similar materials.

Recycled Bench 2

Recycled Bench 2

Recycled Bench 3

Recycled Bench 3

Now.. They didn’t match your regular bench; they were all individual and that’s what makes them so appealing to view.

Its not all benches though

I’ve talked about benches but I have another story and example on this.. Back some time now when I was in my early teens (back in the 80’s); we wanted some place to chill out.. A den. So; a friend’s dad said we could build one at the bottom of the garden.

Luckily for us there was a wood fabricating company down the road and many delivery places near by – so with a little time invested we were able to get hold of older short cuts of wood and a number of pallets.. So much so that we were able to build quite a large shed out of it. Reusable material; wood is probably the best.

I have another example of shed building.. (sheds were the thing then). All the wooden doors in the estate I grew up in where replaced. On asking they let us have enough to build quite a large shed… We had a shed made out of doors.. You wouldn’t think of it but that shed stayed up for; well its over 30 years now. Prime example of reusable.

Kids are great at reusing items

Kids are amazing at reusing items; they have the imagination for it. Kids will take some old unused item and make something amazing with a little bit of imagination. Old cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes seem to be the common one.

Think back to when you were a kid; we all did it.

We can too!!

We can reuse more items that we think. I know I can; for a start I reuse old technology all the time. Make your own and save money (something this website is dedicated too).

Leave me your stories below. Have you reused something to build something completely different? Do you make lots of items by reusing old materials.. I would love to know as I love these stories and builds.

Reusing Old Materials and Items
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